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I've recently been diagnosed with bone cancer which has caused my spine to collapse and forced me to have to wear a back brace at all times - except when lying flat in bed, not moving.  Obviously, this has caused all sorts of problems but one of the ones that has been quite annoying in trying to get back to normal, day-to-day activities is that it's been really hard figuring out how to dress whilst wearing the brace!  This is my brace:

My back brace

As you can see, it fits tightly around the chest and waist area and I also have high support around my chest and neck area to prevent me from bending.  This causes all sorts of complications for dressing in that, if I want to disguise the brace, I need something with a high neck - or I need to think outside of the box!  So this blog is the start of thinking about how to go about that.

I've had a look online and there are loads of great hints and tips for girls with scoliosis who have to wear a brace.  I'm older than that demographic and so wanted to develop a blog that caters to the more - shall we say - mature lady!  However, I plan to pay homage to the brave and clever girls who have made websites, YouTube videos and all sorts as many of the tips that they have apply to women of all ages.

I don't think it's always necessary to disguise the brace - it's part of me now - but my philosophy is that I need to be comfortable and confident in what I am wearing, and I want to look good, smart and chic.

I originally started a blog here to talk about it, but have now developed a website - click here to find out more.

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